Italian Nightingale

Мой остров любви - Катрин Марук (3 марта в 19-00 Бронзовый зал Дома Архитектора

The Company "Italian Nightingale" performs in theatres in Europe and in USA various opera productions and concert programs within the frame work of touring.

We have been existing since 2003, but we have mostly been occupying concert's activities. Now we prepare some big projects and from 2009 we are planning to perform different productions of world opera repertory on the stages in Europe and in USA.

Cast of singers, choir and orchestra of the troupe consist of the highly qualified musicians. Our events pass on the high professional level. We work with both noted actors and musicians and with young talented ones. We have a possibility collaborate with talented stage-managers and conductors of Russia, Italy, Austria, France and Germany. Casting is assorted for each concrete sitting at competition's base. As a rule, there are leading soloist of varied opera houses in Italy, Russia, Germany and France. The choir and orchestra are consisted of 50-70 professional musicians.

We work on the base of the self service. All our expenses connecting with the tour-going transport, stage sets and costumes, accommodation of artists at the hotels, advertisement etc. we take upon ourselves. We pay also a hire of Hall. The price may be fixing or may be consist 5-10% of booking. The tickets price varies and depends from place and traditions of the Theatre.